Friday, July 16, 2010

We love Isabella - the Preachers Rocks!

WINTERLAND at Carrageworks-Sydney

The first night went off with a great selection of bands, we almost forgot to mind our stall!
Then a beautiful girl approached us wishing to purchase one of our selection of vintage beaded cardigans...
Softly spoken, so graceful, I thought she might be a model or a dancer.
Then she told us that she is the last performer tonight and she is going to wear the cardi on the stage, we were so stoked!
When I checked the line up, the last performing band was the Preachers.
When they were on, it was nothing like I was expected from the quiet spoken girl I saw.
Her vocal was so powerful and so amazing they ROCKED!
She kindly gave me an autograph and I got to take a photo with her:-)
We love you Isabella and thank you so much for the great night!!

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