Thursday, September 22, 2011

For the special 4 legged friends...

model:Luna from Muscrats Vintage

Very special products just arrived from Japan for your very special 4 legged friends.
Our gorgeous model is miss Luna from MUSCRATS VINTAGE featuring " Watermelon Tank" on the left and " Teddy Bear raincoat " on the right.
This cute tank is made from high-tech material " Moscape" that gives natural protection from nasty mosquito and bugs!
Very soft 100% cotton, its perfect for the warmer months ahead to protect your pups in style.

Featured to the right
"Keat" food bowl and stand set.
A tilted bowl stand makes it easier for 4 legged "person" to eat, the meal time will be even more enjoyable!

Featured to the left
"Bugout" Cat collars
Natural protection from dust mites, fleas and mosquito!
Comes is harnesses too.

We have much more exciting new products...
Please do drop by our SAFEHOUSE, we would love to meet your friends too!